What's Inside

60 fine art cards and 230 page guidebook designed to awaken and unleash your most creative, essential self by exploring the nuances of the creative process.


    Allow desire. Longing catalyzes the process of attracting potential into lived reality. By feeding your essential longings with your attention you imagine them into existence. Attention builds the energy and invites in the experiences that will allow you to expand into greater wholeness.



    Potential Perspective:  I am free of my thoughts and emotions because I allow them my space.  My energetic, mental, and physical bodies are healthier because I allow my in-built proclivity towards health and wholeness to carry my thoughts and emotions into the beyond.


    You are a creator.  Creation is a process.  You are a creative process.

    You are a creator.  The creative impulse calls to you at every level of existence.  The encouragement is simple: become more, become more, become more.  Experience more connection. More growth, creativeness, and beauty.  Expand, expand, expand, expand.   Unfold to contain the depths and heights, for only then can you begin to glimpse the beauty of creation in its totality.  Savor the intangible connection to your essence, people, and things in your experience.  This impulse ensures the continuum of life, for there always exists this unyielding urge…whispering to you to become into more.



    Exploration: Creation is mysterious when viewed from one perspective and yet intelligent when viewed from another. Life knows where it wants to flow. If you allow them, questions can act as a tool for growth—arising from your essential intelligence, gently nudging your attention toward a part of your experience that wants to come into more direct and essential alignment. Questions can act as anchors into higher levels of awareness. Creation occurs when an impulse of life is allowed into existence.



    Potential Perspective: I choose to fully presence myself as my essence in my existence.


    Surrender is a powerful creative act.  Within this singular creative expression of the She of God are the elements of trust, knowing, unknowing, sincerity, engagement, willingness, openness, embracing, receptivity, magnetism, clarity, and humility.  Opening into the unknown is uncomfortable—at best.  It will most likely be the most terrifying and rewarding creative act of your existence.


    Potential Perspective: I expect and trust life to expose the best in me. The best in me is nothing more and nothing less than my essential nature. My being is perfectly composed as an inextricable expression of creation. I get to choose the reality being reflected back to me.

  • LOVE

    The creative energy of the She of God knows love is not just above us or within us, but it created all, permeates all, and animates all. Unlocking expressions of beauty, of all forms in this world is the joy of the feminine.



    Potential Perspective: Love has a potency and an intelligence that I allow to overcome me. I chose to move through life as love.


    How you relate to yourself is how you relate to the world.

    It is evident from glancing at human history that we have not yet understood how to coexist in harmony, meaning we have not yet learned to exist within ourselves.

    The more whole you are within yourself, the more whole reality will appear from your perspective.  As you dissolve more and more false barriers within yourself, you will notice that as you look out into the world you are beginning to see the beautiful interconnectedness that is life.



    Potential Perspective: I can see, know, and hear the essence animating existence in all its beautiful forms.


    Intuition is a recognition, a direct knowledge of intangible information.  You as-you-are and the potential you are attracted and always in direct contact through knowing. When you feel inspired, creative, expansive, alive—you are fully your essence in that moment. When you are despondent, overwhelmed, or feeling any other unwanted emotion you are holding yourself separate from your essence in this moment. It feels good to be in essence. It does not feel good to be out of alignment with your essence. Knowing and intuition will always guide you into alignment with your essence if you allow it.



    Exploration: To be an ever-evolving expression of your potential you do not need to know what you are going to blossom into, you can just say yes.


    Awareness is an alive, awake presence that is always one-with insight and information.  You do not have to seek insight.  By cultivating awareness, insight will follow.

    May you and those you love become more aware.  Each day, become more aware.  Each day, invite in newness.  Each day, expand to contain more.  Each day, take responsibility for more.  May it be that with each passing day we are all, each of us, cultivating awareness, inviting it into our lives and more consciously choosing where to place our essential life energy.




    Change is the only constant.  In every moment you are new and have the ability to see yourself as that. As long as your identity, your idea of yourself is a fixed or closed notion you will continue to waste your creative energy in service of holding your identity in place.

    Real growth occurs between thought and action, in the instant when you choose to do something other than you’ve always done. Those moments can only be fully appreciated through personal experience. As more and more moments of clarity enter your experience, you reach a moment by moment resting place where you can have a sense of the radical newness inherent in every moment of life.