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Layla & Emily Anne

Layla and Emily Anne met on a boat in NYC in 2006. During that first summer they collaborated on Layla’s first solo NYC photography exhibit and curated an opening with lines around the block and billboards in Times Square.

Five years later, the idea for the She of God was birthed. Both Layla and Emily Anne have travelled the world, seen the best and worst in humanity, and come to the same conclusion: creativity, in its most essential form, is at the heart of all humans and is a way forward for humanity that’s worth exploring and collectively standing up for. It took over six years to complete the She of God, as a culture we don’t yet have words to talk about the most intimate forms of creativity that we all experience. This book is an offering, a true labor of love that beckons to all creative humans to stand up for our shared humanity.

Artist & Author

Artist Layla Love

Layla Love has spent the last decade traveling around the globe exploring the spectrum of life from orphanages to royal palaces, seeking beauty and inspiration through photography. She believes art loses its ego when paired with purpose, thereby contributing to philanthropic causes while working at grassroots levels to support evolution through art. Love’s work has been showcased in over 100 locations including the White House, Paris Photo and MoMa sponsored AiPAD with Eric Franck Fine Arts. This season her art will be included in showcases in Egypt, Basel Miami, & New York.

Love takes pride in the highest quality work and has developed traditional darkroom techniques paired with an understanding of cutting edge technology, yielding hand-printed iridescent photographs in limited editions. These images are displayed in prestigious locations worldwide, including Harrod’s of London, over forty Tiffany & Co. diamond showrooms, and have been showcased alongside an array of artists including Kara Walker, Jean Michel Basquiat, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andy Warhol, and Henri Cartier Bresson.

Love is currently working on two publications that involve a collaboration with renowned spiritual teacher, Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA, Agape International Media, and Hay House. One is called, “She of God,” a set of 120 affirmation cards that fuse fine art and affirmation in honor of the feminine face of the often misrepresented divine feminine. The affirmation cards will feature Layla’s original work on both sides accompanied with an inspirational quote from women all around the world, some of which are well-known women such as Marianne Williamson, and some not. A 300-page guide book will accompany the cards.

Author Emily Anne Gendron

Emily Anne Gendron is a beacon of deep joy, inviting everyone into the fresh recognition of the beauty revealed through depth perception. While attending Princeton, she traveled to Africa and fell irrevocably in love with the human spirit. By experiencing unfiltered joy in the midst of poverty, she was forever convinced of what we can look like in relationship with life and one another.

Since that time, Emily Anne has worked as a coach and creative in the New York City and San Francisco art worlds, becoming familiar with the nuances of the creative process through her work with Brooklyn-based photographer, Marc Baptiste.

She intuitively allows for the flourishing of projects and people, having mastered the ability to navigate the space in between where-you-are and where-you-want-to-be. She guides others as they move toward a life, business or project beyond imagination, consistently and deliberately creating essential results.

Her roster of clientele includes Fortune 50 companies as well as artists, entrepreneurs and creative catalysts unabashedly interested in forever altering the trajectory of humanity. In addition to coaching, she is a Culture Architect for corporations, helping clients create an environment for employees to unleash creativity at the intersection of purpose, culture, strategy, and results. She is also a contributing writer for the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies publication, Scenario .

Emily Anne shares deep, inward essence space with courageous creative souls. World Weavers who audaciously reflect and allow themselves to be a transparent of the whole beauty and high order of effortless existence. Her passion is in sparking alive the recognition of the eternal flame of the human spirit.

Live life as that.

Collaborating Artists

Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage is an interdimensional artist currently based in Los Angeles, where she has been featured in numerous exhibitions and founded the Amanda Sage Collection with designer Shabnam Q. As of 2016, Sage has been collaborating with Joe Bob Merritt to create a culture cultivator project called “South Main Gunnison” in Gunnison, Colorado. She has been exhibited in the online collective Tribe 13, as well as Galerie 10 in Vienna and The Society for the Art of Imagination.


Android Jones

Android Jones is a digital painter based in Lyons, Colorado. Jones is known for his unique works, often which portrays spirituality and altered states of consciousness, as well as his live painting demonstrations. Android has exhibited his work and contributed to events on 6 continents. He describes his work as Electro-Mineralism, and uses innovative media forms to portray complex themes and challenge the boundaries of the viewers’ imaginations.