dare to become a creative force in this world


The She of God is an invitation into exploration, a container for growth, a challenge to act. It is a fine art deck containing 60 cards, each accompanied by quotes from some of the most extraordinary writers and thinkers of our time. These visual sparks are combined with a powerful, practical guidebook for essential expansion toward your highest potential.

We, the women and men of this world, have not yet collectively risen to our heights.

Essential growth—growth that brings you ever-closer to your highest potential—occurs between thought and action.  Your potential only comes to life in the instant when you choose to do something other than you’ve always done, to act in accord with the pulsating drive within each of each of us to become more.  Those moments can’t be fully appreciated through words or expression, only through personal experience.

The She of God is your companion on this journey of a lifetime, the journey deeper into an essential part of yourself that can only become known through your creative response to the movement of life.